Polyurethane (Synthetic) sports floor coverings are preferred in indoor sports halls where basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, wrestling and all other sports activities are performed.

The ideal solution for multi-purpose indoor sports halls, polyurethane floor coverings are high strength, elastic and economical. It is very easy to clean, hygienic and long lasting.

The bottom layer is a 4-14 mm thick cast or rolled SBR Rubber, with the application of pore sealer primer, the top layer is a 2-3 mm thick polyurethane, indoor sports flooring system that ends with a polyurethane matt paint formed from elastomer. As it requires a sensitive application, it should be applied by qualified personnel. The system is seamless, seamless, seamless, seamlessly in one layer. This system, which does not create reverse vibration with the 96% bounce of the ball on the polyurethane floor, is reliable and ergonomic. We have many primary color options in RAL color codes.


What is Polyurethane Floor Covering?

     The bottom layer is made up of 2-3 mm thick polyurethane elastomer with pore sealant primer on 4 - 14 mm thick SBR Rubber.
     It is a sports floor system ending with a polyurethane-based matte paint. As it requires a sensitive application, it should be applied by qualified personnel.
It does not contain joints, it is long-lasting. The ball bounces 96% back and does not create an inverted vibration. The implementation of the system is economical and safe.

Polyurethane Flooring Application

      The surface to be applied should be a smooth, waveless, solid concrete floor surface that does not have level differences, does not blast, and is polished with a helicopter. If there are level differences or roughness on the concrete floor surface, it is removed with self-leveling screed.
SBR rubber granules of 1-3 mm caliber are mixed with 18-20% polyurethane adhesive and applied to the ground after the ground on which SBR rubber will be applied is prepared in the desired uniformity and the appropriate ambient temperature is formed.
Polyurethane in the adhesive; According to the ambient temperature, humidity and application surface size, the freezing time is calculated and the appropriate amount is determined in the field and mixed.
       After the SBR is applied to the rubber floor, it is completely covered with a pore sealant two-component paste, and after drying of the paste, a smooth surface is obtained by sanding.
    Then self leveling polyurethane material is applied to the floor. Liquid polyurethane dries depending on the appropriate air temperature. After the polyurethane is dry, the entire floor is painted with matte paint because the polyurethane is on a glossy surface. Following the drying of the paint, tapes are drawn for game lines and basketball, volleyball or desired game lines are drawn with special line paint.

Polyurethane Floor Covering Usage Areas

      Polyurethane floor coverings are preferred in indoor sports halls, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, gymnastics, wrestling and all other gym games, offices and shops operating in various fields, as they are sterile and high-strength in the production and display areas of many professions. .

Scratch Resistant
Easy to Clean
UV Resistant
Burn Resistant
Pressure Resistant
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