Epoxy, which has a wide range of colors, has antibacterial properties, gives a positive results with its aesthetic, monolithic appearance, chemical mechanical strength, and is an ideal solution when non-slip and impermeability is desired; Polyepoxide is a synthetic resin that hardens and cures when it reacts chemically with a hardener or catalyst agent. Each option of epoxy with many products is produced and presented for separate floor and wall applications.


The benefits of epoxy resin flooring coatings


    A strong and permanent bond is created with reinforced concrete.
    It provides excellent resistance against aggressive chemicals in a wide range.
    Definitive solution is provided to prevent the penetration (penetration) of liquids.
    Increases impact and abrasion resistance with toughness, durability and flexibility
     A hygienic and easy to clean surface is obtained
     Increases resistance against cracking
     Supply of low coating thicknesses
     Rapid applicability and Curing are provided to a minimum to ensure that the work is prevented to a minimum.
     Hygienic, Dustproof, Decorative, Chemical Resistant, Easily Cleanable, Mechanical Strength Provided, Economical, Anti-Slip, Solid, Impermeable, No Stain, Easy to Wash, Suitable for Human Health

Usage areas

Parking lots,
Factory Floors,
Warehouses-Bonded Warehouses,
AVM Store Floors,
Public Institution Building Floors,
Company Logos and Other Ground Applications ...

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