Black maple and sugar maple types, which are the most commonly used massive flooring types used in Fiba approved gym floors, are quite hard compared to other maple types. They have very frequent lines, similar to teak and white oak. It has high strength, compressed inner surface, solid structure, unbending, high strength and high density. It is extremely resistant. Therefore, it is used for basketball courts, bowling sports fields and other multi-purpose sports floors. Maple is a hard and tight tree. It is co-structured. It is easy to process. It has a flexible and highly concave structure. The amount of shrinkage frequently seen in woods is at minimum level. But it tends to crack. It is very sensitive to humid environment, rots easily in humid environment. It may contain insects and microorganisms in inappropriate conditions. For this reason, a very healthy result is obtained as long as it is applied in suitable weather conditions at suitable humidity levels and on floors with dehumidified levels.


In the place where the parquet will be laid, the parquets should be placed in the place at least 2 weeks prior to the date of laying. This is important to adapt to ambient temperature. If the parquets are packaged with nylon, they should definitely be unpacked. The flatness of the floor to be parquet flooring should be checked. The dryness of the floor to be laid on the parquet should be checked, and the parquet should not be laid before the floor reaches the desired dryness. Moisture ratio is suitable between 6-12% in concrete. During the application; Ambient temperature to be applied on parquet should not be less than 15 C.


After waiting for at least 2 weeks after the laying process is finished, scraper and polishing should not be done. During this waiting period, no nylon cover should be used to protect the parquet surface. The 6 mm thick PE mattress will be laid on the floor as an anti-moisture, and the joints will be taped with special tape (duc tape). and 1.22x2.44cm -1.25x2.50 cm dimensions will be mounted on plywood plates made of pine, spruce or hardwood, 32 pieces per plate. 12mm thick and 1.22x2.44m pine spruce or hardwood plates 2 layers It will be mounted on the lower floor plates with the help of special punches. 20mm (25/32) thick 38mm or 57mm wide 1st quality imported hart maple (Maple solid parquet) will be mounted on plywood layer with the help of special nails and air gun, 40-60- The parquet will be scrapped using 80 and 120 grit paper. When sanding 80 is finished, p The places that require filling will be filled by making the necessary paste with arke powder. After the filling process, the floor will be scrapped with 120 grit sandpaper and cleaned carefully. Towels must be used in this cleaning process. Polyurethane primer polish layer will be applied on the cleaned floor with a special squeegee or roller. After the first layer of polyurethane primer polishing, buffing process will be done with a special machine and special sandpaper and the floor will be cleaned carefully and cleaned from sandpaper. Game lines (Basketball and Volleyball, Handball) will be drawn with special paint. After the lines are drawn, the polyurethane polish will be reapplied in 2 coats with a special squeegee or roller.

Documents indicating that the imported maple solid parquet to be used is imported and documents showing their compliance with the standards must be submitted to the administration before the parquet application process begins.


Usage areas

Basketball Halls
Volleyball Halls
Squash Halls
Badminton Halls

Scratch Resistant
Easy to Clean
UV Resistant
Burn Resistant
Pressure Resistant

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Adisport Parke Sistemleri

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